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As local bathroom installers in the southampton area its important for us as a company to keep ourselves updated with new products and installation practices. Bathroom furniture is constantly changing with fashion and so is the way it gets installed for example.

At JK Powerflush UK LTD we pride ourselves in our professional bathroom installations and rely heavily on the bathroom installers themselves. We keep ourselves in the loop with local knowledge as well as staying updated with new products and bathroom furniture installation practices and methods. Bathrooms and bathroom furniture is a forever changing environment when installing them or refurbishing them week in week out, Its fashionable.

When installing bathroom furniture its important to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to ensure the product warranty sticks. Many times plumbers and bathroom fitters/installers come across installations where a previous plumber or bathroom fitter had installed a product incorrectly only for that product to fail shortly after. We at JK Powerflush UK LTD know very well about these issues and are having to overcome them for new clients on a regular basis.

Free standing bathroom furniture seems to have come back into fashion and with the likes of houzz and instagram has caused an exposion of interest for designer bathroom furniture and fixtures. The modern look is still wanted by many but the traditional look seems to be making a comeback.

As many already know its extremely hard to find a reliable plumber and bathroom installer so its really no surprise to the sheer amount of cowboys out there who have taken the country by storm. Rather than waiting for the overbooked companies available who are extremely sought after, Shortcuts are being taken and the cheap next door neighbour or cowboy down the road has been employed. Patience for your dream bathroom is a must and cant be rushed when there are large costs involved.

As award winning bathroom fitters and installers from southampton, hampshire, We really do dedicate ourselves when crafting your dream bathroom. We can offer advice on locations, products, colours and material sources if managing the main products for a small discount on the invoice is for you. A usual turnaround time for a standard bathroom refurbishment is around 10 days (2 full weeks), If painting etc is involved this could creep into a 3rd.

Being award bathroom installers we pride ourselves in quality whether its products or installation this of course does come at a cost. We are not the cheapest bathroom installers in southampton available neither are we the most expensive. We try to keep our prices as low as possible but of course due to rising costs including materials within the trade and company taxes we simply cannot compete with the 1 man installer.

However, we do offer a price matching service. If you can send proof of a previous quote we can try and re-quote to match it but is not guaranteed unfortunately. 

Choosing us as your bathroom installers is the right choice!

Get in touch to learn more and discuss options relevant to your request.

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